Get, set, pout! – Every woman loves to take selfies and a little pout never does any harm. So, don’t you think your lips deserve a burst of hydration and moisturisation for beautiful and plump looking lips?Creative-2nd-July-03

Winter is around the corner and the problem of dry and flaky lips only makes it worse. They have no oil or sweat glands, and they’re constantly exposed to irritants, such as the tip of the tongue, food and drinks, environmental pollutants and weather. To make matters worse, while holding on to a daily skin care regimen, we forget to pay attention to the feature that is more sensitive.

That’s right! Lips need double the care and just when you thought you will need to stack up another process of nourishment, THE BODY SHOP has an absolute range of lip care products that will leave your lips looking kissable and soft.

Here is all that you need to do for healthy looking lips:


  1. Moisturize at least twice a day: Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with THE BODY SHOP’s Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lips balm, first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. They will leave your lips conditioned and give them the daily pampering we often let-go of.


  1. Pick the right balm: Mark this and don’t forget it! – “I will only use organic products for my lips”. Using synthetic products on your lips are a big “No, No!” Try using nourishing ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E and coconut essentials. These are the power house ingredients that provide lips with lasting hydration for luscious looking lips. THE BODY SHOP is a one-stop spot to find the lip care you need from these natural ingredients:


  • Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 – This moisturising lip balm soothes and protects lips from the drying effects of the sun, wind and cold weather
  • Shea Lip Butter– Gorgeously nourishing, this nutty scented lip balm is a luscious treat for your lips, as it moisturises, leaving a lovely sheen.


  1. Stop licking your lips: It may seem counter-intuitive, but saliva actually dries out your lips, so fight the urge to lick them in general and especially if your lips are already dry.


  1. Use lip balm as a lipstick base: Applying the ultra-hard matte lip sticks without a lip care base is like self-destruction. Applying a lip balm first creates a protective moisture seal beneath your makeup, not to mention it makes lipstick easier to apply.


  1. Drink plenty of water: Drinking heaps of water to stay healthy in and out is imperative. Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your lips moist, so drink up!


  1. Exfoliate your lips: It is a no-brainer that exfoliation removes dead cells from your lips and leave them visibly smoother. Use THE BODY SHOP’s Lip scuff to buff your lips for a smooth, exfoliated and nourished skin. This handy stick gently sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal softer, moisturised lips.


“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn said it and we follow it to the last syllable.

Forever New presents the trends of the season with their latest collection of Women shoes. Whether it’s the statement block heel or the high shaft silhouettes, we got it all. The choice is yours.

Get the right shoes, and conquer the world!

Go for a pair of white embellished ankle high heels with the classic LBD or a sleek tailored jumpsuit because together they make a glorious fashion statement. With faux leather fabrication, zip back fastening and a cushioned sole, these babies will make their way to the most prized, safe corner in your wardrobe.

Up for some online shopping for women?

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our Darla Cross Vamp Block Heels.

A fashion statement for the ages, these lovelies will perfectly complement your floral mini dresses or cropped denimWeb_Res-Back-25387901_7

Shoes that make you look complete & that enhance your personality, surely bring out the best in you. The Kimmy Strap Wedge Sneakers will turn any casual outfit into a sophisticated ensemble, with their adjustable hook and loop fasteners- they’ll provide that much-needed comfort with a splash of style.

Need the perfect pair of heels for your best friend’s wedding? Complete the royal look with the Clara Jewelled Buckled Heels which come with satin fabrication and a cushioned sole- a glamorous addition to your wardrobe. These are ideal for wedding, cocktails and pretty much every social occasion!Mannequin-SE3700-Web_Res-Back-25160402_7

This festive season, Forever New is all set to change the game with an illustrious winter collection!

Team the Tyler Low Top Sneakers with a printed dress for a feminine and effortless day-time look. Cushioned for a premium fit, the insole allows maximum comfort. Secured through the lace up detail, it can be tightened for a personalized fit, completing a purely modern outlook.Mannequin-SE3582-Web_Res-Side-25015501-compressed_6

Short boots also make a very strong statement!

They exude confidence, making your feet like they’re floating in the clouds, free and high-spirited. Our Bow Tie Ankle Boots, made from a faux suede fabrication and featuring a decorative tie detail at the side, secured through the inner metal zip for a discreet finish. Team them up with a mini skirt and a poncho for a stylish look.

Chic ballet flats are updated with on-trend lacing while off-duty sneakers lend an air of laid-back cool to any look. A chic alternative to high heels, the gorgeous Farrah Black Frill Vamp Ballerina Flats will get you wherever you need to go in style.Mannequin-SE3683-Web_Res-Side-25160001_7

With Forever New’s exquisite collection this festive season, you’ll find your true love for shoes!

And ladies, remember- it is our responsibility to assault the tedious commonplace with our fashion statement.

Or else the world would be too bland!

The Ballad of Body Butters

Dehydrated skin in winters? Losing moisture? Dry skin? We all have those problems. But what if we had a one-stop solution for all of them?

The Body Shop’s batch of Body Butters brings you a class of 11 different types of body butters including the likes of Satsuma, Moringa, Wild Argan and Shea to name a few. Enriched with oils extracted from the lands of the Middle East to the Mandarin Belt to the Himalayas, they are loaded with nutrients that hydrate and moisturize your skin with a floral scent, ultimately revealing skin that feels so soft and soothing.
Also used for skin treatment like acne, blemishes, dark spots, patchy skin and what not, our body butters care for you in the best ways possible.
Here are a few that you must try;

Body Butters

Wild Argan oil which is endemic to the land of the Middle East effortlessly grazes your skin with a touch of its royal hammam scent. The ever nourishing Argan Oil has a long-lasting effect on your body and makes your skin softer for about 48 hours just in one application.


With Satsuma belonging to the mandarin orange family, it has exceptional anti-oxidant properties that leave a rich touch on your skin.
This body butter by The Body Shop comes with Satsuma oil extracts packed in Vitamin C because of its citric roots.
Vitamin C eliminates all the toxins and successfully delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, also getting rid of all the blemishes on your skin.

Say hello to natural skin care!


Coming directly from the leaves of the Moringa Oleifera, better known as “The Tree of Life” or what we know as the drumstick tree, the Moringa Body Butter contains oils and antioxidants which give a standout performance against ageing and nutrient-lacking skin.
Packed with Shea and cocoa essence which hydrates your skin leaving a tender smell, it is a great resource for dry skin. It can be used on a daily basis by people who deal with common issues of dehydrated skin

Made with oils extracted from the African Shea Tree, our deliciously nutty Shea butter will melt into your skin, taking you through a richly hydrating experience. This inclusion from the nutty family, Shea butter simply settles down on your skin and hydrates it effortlessly.  It also provides assistance in fighting against acne and blemishes on your face and skin. If you are a fan of that nutty and floral scent, this is the thing for you.

The Essential: Oils of Life

Do you think you can’t help skin ageing? Or dull and tired skin?

Well, think again.

The Body Shop’s Oils of Life skincare range has all those essential products your skin needs, to feel that tender love and care. Infused with three precious seed oils – black cumin seed oil from Egypt, camellia seed oil from China and rosehip seed oil from Chile, these super essential Body Shop skincare products aim at intensely revitalising your skin and reviving its radiance.

With time, as the skin ages, its ability to retain moisture decreases. In such circumstances, even ample moisturisation doesn’t seem enough. Here enter the body oils: they seal in just the right amount of moisture within your skin and protect it too. They also improve cell cohesion and limit water loss from the skin.

Here is a basic insight to all the products you’ll need, to revive that long lost glow:

Facial Oil

Maybe your face needs something more than just moisturisation, like the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil by The Body Shop. This essential oil effortlessly melts into skin leaving a non-sticky and a velvety-soft finish. Infused with three precious seed oils from around the world, these essential oils instantly replenish moisture back into your skin, making it feel truly soft and supple.Facial oil.jpg

Revitalising Cream

Our Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Cream is rich and silky, and can be used daily especially on skin that lacks nourishment and radiance. Infused with the same essential oils, it effortlessly melts into skin for a comfortable finish that feels light and non-greasy. Feel your skin become younger with every passing day, as this magical skin cream works towards reviving youthful radiance in a way that lasts long and strong.Oils of Life Revitalising Cream.jpg

Essence Lotion

How about a lotion that not only moisturises but restores too? Or something that gets absorbed into your skin but feels light as water? Only the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion by The Body Shop sounds like it! It has a bi-phase [oil + water] formula that also works as the first essential step after cleansing. Also, when the nourishment of the three precious seed oils is combined with the freshness of water, the skin is treated just right and in all the perfect ways possible!Essence Lotion.jpg

Sleeping Cream

Need that beauty sleep? The best night cream could surely fulfil your wish. The Oils of Life Sleeping Cream is ‘The One’ when it comes to choosing what’s the best skin treatment for a tired face at night. The three seed oils work overnight to moisturise and revitalise your skin. When you wake up, no doubt the skin is refreshed and feels younger again. Suitable for all skin types, it’s like a midnight treat for your skin every night.Sleeping Cream.jpg




The Mid-Summer Night-Time Treatment

“And in the night, the glory of the day subsides

To recklessly seek beauty,

That is seen in the eyes.”

At night, the skin repairs and heals itself. The process of overnight healing starts with the best night cream by The Body Shop. The Oils of Life Sleeping Cream is a nourishing night time cream, infused with three precious seed oils from around the world that moisturise while you sleep, so that when you wake up, your skin looks rested and revitalised.

eps_jpg_1051994_1_NIGHT CREAM VIT E 15ML_BRNZ_INBMUPS630

The most important step to follow in a night care regime would be a face clean up. Every night before going to sleep, rid your face of makeup, especially the eyes. Post that, use the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil by The Body Shop. It combines the power of a serum and oil, to replenish and recharge skin with moisture, overnight. The morning after, skin looks fresher, more radiant and rested.

For skin prone to break-outs, it is important to keep skin hydrated yet oil-free overnight. For this, the best acne products must be used. One of our acne solutions is the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask that is infused with salicylic acid and Community Trade tea tree oil to care for oily skin and imperfections while you sleep. It is a leave-on mask that works towards reducing the size of pores and blemishes on your face.YTea Tree Night Mask.jpg


If you have a combination skin type, we know it’s tricky for you to decide on how to care for your skin. Because different parts of your face have different requirements, the best skin treatment would be the Seaweed Night Treatment by The Body Shop. This overnight gel that is specially formulated for combination skin keeps oil at bay for a better looking and balanced skin. Your face remains shine-free, yet perfectly hydrated in drier areas.Seaweed Overnight Gel

The night is the time when the skin tries to heal itself. While you sleep, new cells replace old ones to make your skin look refreshed and renewed. Thus, the time one spends sleeping at night is often called “beauty sleep”. Blemishes are something that is most unwanted. Yet, somehow they find their way onto our faces. To treat this skin concern, use the Tea Tree Night Lotion. It is a gel-lotion that provides light hydration for blemished skin throughout the night, whilst controlling excess oil and sebum. Infused with organic pure tea tree oil, this lotion will help to keep blemished skin under control and help fade the appearance of face marks and dark spots.

The Night-Time Treatment for skin is all about cleansing and moisturising in a way that suits your skin type perfectly. Whatever skin type you may have, The Body Shop skincare products can do wonders for you and your body.

Lights! Camera! Dresses!

What style comes to your mind when you think about Diwali? While your festive wardrobe’s staple is ethnic wear, tuning to western wear this Diwali will certainly spruce up your look. Diwali is not just a festival, it is a season. The endless day greetings and night card parties often leave you feeling “I don’t have enough clothes”. Hence, here are some hand-picked western outfits to take your look up a notch from the clichéd ethnic look to the ‘not so usual’ yet very glamorous look.

You can steal these looks from the in the women dresses online category to spice up your wardrobe this Diwali:


  1. The sequin sequence

Sequins for the festival that celebrates glitter can never go wrong. Every woman happens to have a “Too Blingy” outfit in their wardrobe that never finds its “worthy” moment, and the occasion of Diwali, is perfect to make it shine. Jazz up and steal the limelight with the Forever New Sequin Mini Dress, pair it with a traditional scarf sitting perfectly on your neck and statement earrings. Sequins can bring back to life any boring outfit and make you look sizzling for festivities.Mini Dress


  1. Velvety dreams

A velvet silhouette can make you look dreamy during this time. Drape a velvet skirt with a crop-top and turn into a Bollywood blockbuster. Don’t forget a thumka or two! And finish your look with jhumkas or basic hoops and some tinkling bangles.


  1. The stunning obvious

There is always a beautiful little black dress in a woman’s closet. What she does not know is how this ‘dress next door’ can turn into a dazzling outfit for Diwali. Save yourself the crisis and doll up your usual black dress with golden jewellery and straight pinned hair. If you don’t have one, you can always look for dresses for women online on Forever New. The Jasmina Lace Bodice Drape Maxi Dress from Forever New is just the perfect pick for this festival, as black is the new rainbow!Long Dress for women


  1. Cosmopolitan Girl

Red is the most trending colour this season and when you mix this trend with Diwali, it is sure to turn you into a chic cosmopolitan girl. Red is being seen everywhere from runways to the high fashion streets, from closets of international fashion bloggers and to our very own Bollywood celebs. Pull off a low neck-line red dress with ethnic jewellery for a perfect Indo-western look and you’ll be good to go strutting in the face of those nosey relatives!


  1. Got my suit and tie

An edged suit and a crisp shirt is a wardrobe classic for women. Nothing can make heads turn at a card party like a clean cut suit topped over a humble shirt. Look like a ‘Dhamaka’ with a neat suit, layered with some chunky jewellery and pointed-toe heels. This classic-chic combination is a fashionable relief from those old-school ethnic usuals. After all it’s always great to look glamorous and feel fabulous during the routinely festivities of Diwali.


Get ready to rock your look and fire up your wardrobe this Diwali with Forever New’s selections of edgy and zesty clothing.



All That Glitters Is Not Gold

While your Instagram explore page is getting flooded by makeup tutorials from various artists using all fancy bronzers and highlighters; it has become important to know the right way to use them depending on your skin type, complexion, etc.

Every woman wants a little shimmer and shine in their lives. It is a part of being modest with your appearance and a presentation of your mood. Besides, a little glimmer does no harm!eps_jpg_GROUP_4_HONEY BRONZE FACE GROUP_GOLD_GRP_INMBSPS431

Makeup products include a range of 2 glow enhancers; Highlighters and Bronzers.  The following is the difference between these two, along with their utility:


  1. Highlighters

If women were stranded on a desert and could have one product, it would be a face highlighter. As time takes a toll on our complexion, our cheekbones become more sunken in, our under-eye bags get darker and lower, and our skin turns sallower. That said, is it a lost cause to yearn for that perfectly chiselled face and youthful glow from our teenage years? Nope, if you can’t have it back, at least you can create an illusion of it!

  • A great highlighter can perk up your complexion, accentuate the features you love, and even camouflage aging skin.
  • A highlighter can give you a sun-kissed look, even at night.
  • It can minimize dark-circles, decrease the intensity of wrinkles and mimic a facelift.
  • The face highlighter comes in 3 types; cream, oil and dust powder.


How to use a highlighter?

  • Apply the highlighter below brows, above cheekbones, the nose bone to make your skin look healthy and glowing.
  • A face shimmer highlighter has glittery particles which give a nice shine to the face whenever reflected with light. So, use it on the features to give them an extra edge.
  • Give the illusion of a fuller pout by applying a small dab just above the Cupid’s bow on your lip.
  • Use The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome that is a creamy, lightweight highlighter for a pretty, light-reflecting shimmer. Infused with smoothing honey, the 3 highlighting shades are perfect for mastering the art of strobing!SourceFile_Honey Bronze Organic 24_05_166387.2_INPOLJP002


  1. Bronzers

In layman’s language, bronzer is basically a darker version of a highlighter. Just like a sun-kissed effect, it gives your face a healthy tan touch.


  • Bronzer defines the face by exemplifying shadows, such as around the nose, forehead, and below the cheekbones.
  • Typically, bronzer is 1–3 shades darker than your overall skin tone. Highlighter, on the other hand, is usually shimmery/ lighter than your natural skin tone, and should be put on the high points of the face to highlight them, such as the cheekbone, brow bone, and bridge of the nose.
  • Whereas bronzer helps give a warm depth to the face, highlighter pops out the features.
  • Use the face bronzer in matte, whereas the shimmer liquid bronzer is good for the body.
  • Use The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil which will give your skin a dose of sun-kissed, golden-shimmer with hydration.


  • Use The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder for your most natural looking tan. Dust on our sun-kissed, honey-enriched bronze powder over your skin for a luminous golden glow, year-round.